Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are People’s Ethics Driven by Hollywood & Stardom?

I found myself engaged in a conversation on Facebook that became very controversial.  Oddly it was an identical conversation I’d had a couple of years ago at the beauty shop.  The Facebook post stated, “Are women really excited about R. Kelly?  I was turned off after all the charges involving 13-14 year old girls.”  Granted R. Kelly wasn’t charged with the crime.  If I recall correctly he settled out of court.  However, for me it’s still clear that he has an attraction to young girls because it was documented that he did marry Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old.  Her mother later had the marriage annulled.  Now 50 years ago, this wasn’t so unusual.  It wasn’t uncommon for parents to give consent for their children to marry at that age but times have changed. 
     After realizing over the years that so many people still enjoy R. Kelly’s music and support him I was pleasantly surprised to see as people commented on the young ladies Facebook post that there were some people, male and female, that still have a conscious and some ethics.  Like me, they not only do not support R. Kelly and his music but are also disgusted by his desire for young girls.  However, just like the person I disagreed with in the beauty shop there were some people that STRONGLY pledged their support to R. Kelly, his music and great talent on Facebook.  It was made clear that his talent clearly outweighs his indiscretions in their minds.  One of his supporters commented that it’s not her place to judge him and that he had to answer to his maker.  The last time I checked, God expects us to do better when we know better and will hold us accountable.  I truly believe that some people will not understand the impact this repulsive behavior have on children’s lives until one of their daughters, granddaughters, sisters, cousins, etc. is taken advantage of by an older man.  I ask the same question I asked on Facebook, what message do we send to young girls and boys when we continue to support people that abuse children?  Where is the accountability to innocent children that can’t protect themselves?  Would this behavior be acceptable if he wasn't famous?  I go back to my original question, “Are people’s ethics driven by Hollywood?”

Until next time, I hope you have been encouraged, empowered, enriched and enlightened.