Friday, August 31, 2012

Positive or Negative Self-Image?

Why is self-image important?  It’s important because its how one views oneself.  One of my mantra’s in life is, if you don’t think highly of yourself, no one else will.  I believe that to be very important, especially in a world where everyone is viewed under a microscope and judged harshly.  We see examples of positive and negative self-image every day.

You have a girl or woman who always wears provocative clothing.  Does she think highly of herself?  Positive or negative self-image?  On the surface it appears that she’s confident about her body and doesn’t mind showing it off.  However, if you look deeper, you’ll realize that she believes her self-worth lies solely on her body and the way she looks.  Her self-image is actually negative.  Contrary to popular belief, you are not your clothes, your body, your hair, etc.  As I wrote in a previous post last year, self-worth comes from within.  A woman who has a positive self-image knows who she is and doesn’t have to expose her body to the world to feel good about who she is.  She doesn’t need people to boast about how she looks or what she wears and doesn’t need to draw attention to herself.  One of my favorite quotes comes from Edith Head, an award winning, American costume designer.  Edith said, “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and
loose enough to show you're a lady.”  I love that quote!

Another example, you have a person who can find fault in others no matter how positive the situation.  For example, when Gabby Douglas, who worked for years to get to the Olympics as a gymnast, made it and performed nearly perfect.  There were women (yes, grown women) taking to Facebook and Twitter making negative comments about her hair.  I probably don’t have to ask, but I will.  Positive or negative self-image?  Definitely, negative.  These are the same type of women that will see an average woman with her child and instead of seeing how the mother loves that child, works hard to nurture and develop the child; they will find something wrong with what the child is wearing or find something wrong with their hair.  Interestingly, those same people will boast about their own clothes, hair and material things.  Some of these people habitually tries to make others feel or look stupid and small.  Why?  Because they are shallow individuals.  There is nothing of any depth inside of them.  They are empty.  There’s no self-love or peace, so they find fault in others.  

                Finally, you have people that will find the silver lining in most situations.  Even when times are tough, they may get down but they find a way to get themselves up.  This person also sees the positive in other people.  When they see a person that has room for improvement, they find a way to encourage them, and not tear them down.  Positive or negative self-image?  Positive, for sure.  This person is confident in who they are. They find no value or joy in hurting or belittling others.

                Whether you know it or not, your self-image, good or bad, is a reflection on not only how you see yourself but also the way others see you.  The good news is, if you have a negative self-image, it can change.  It’s a process that one should intentionally work on daily to improve.  Children are impressionable and they look to adults for how they should view themselves.  Do you want the reflection young people see when they look at you to be a positive or a negative one?  It’s your choice.

Until next time, I hope you have been encouraged, empowered, enriched, and enlightened.


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