Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hearing God's Whisper Will Take You from Trial to Triumph

     Have you ever wondered why life comes with so many challenges?  God allows us to go through things because there are lessons he wants us to learn.  Many times we will find ourselves muddling through the same trials until we get the lesson.  Once we get it, we move from trial to triumph and we realize that we have become better by what we have gone through. 

     If you are going through something tough, I challenge you to spend more time talking to God and listening for his voice.  Also, realize you will have distractions.  In your toughest times, the devil will send those distractions many times in the form of people.  I challenge you to make your enemy your footstool.  Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  When you are a child of the King, He has your back and He will cause your enemies to stumble and fall.  Leave your enemy in God’s hands and you continue to keep your eye on Him and just listen.  Listen for the God’s whisper.  The lesson will be revealed and victory will be yours. 

     Until next time, I hope you have been encouraged, empowered, enriched and enlightened.

Peace and blessings,